The Amendment

National Intervention uses the amendment process as a “sobriety test” or “sobriety checkpoint” for elected officials and those who attempt to influence elected officials.   Like many, we want a truly level political playing field in our democracy.  Whatever it is you may want to achieve in your democracy, if you are not in the [...]


Become an active supporter of the Intervention. Any sober society knows corporations are not people, money is not speech, and only publicly funded political campaigns are not corrupted by the big moneyed interests. Your willingness to give means we don’t have to hit rock-bottom. Together we can put an end to pay-to-play “democracy” by making the [...]

Take Action

Individuals:    If you are one person, please… Join our numbers by signing the online petition that tells elected officials to do their part to kick the habit of big money in politics.  Share the petition with your friends and encourage them to sign up for more information. Become a Congressional Cupid! Help raise money for every [...]